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Client Questionnaire


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This 51 questionnaire will help you to have stress-free weddings, shoot the images you want to shoot, and make sure there are no surprises.

Created over the last 6 years, this questionnaire not only helps you streamline the wedding day, but also collects all the info you need to market to vendors and your client before and after the wedding!

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Your Download Bundle Includes:

Client Questionnaire

  • Document: 51 Question Client Questionnaire for Stress-Free Weddings*
  • Video: How Zach & Jody Utilize the Questionnaire for Stress-Free Weddings (Run Time 11:12)

*File type remains as Word document (and not PDF) for easy copying and editing to fit your own needs.



  1. Wedding Day Timelines
    •  Document: Wedding Day Timeline*
    •  Document: Wedding Day Timeline with First Look*
    •  Video: Creating Stress-Free Wedding Timelines
  2. Client Management Documents
  •  Document: Wedding Contract
  •  Document: Printing Release*
  •  Document: Client Emails and Notes* (below)
    • Response to initial wedding inquiery
    • Email follow-up
    • Confirming Meeting & Setting Booking Expectations
    • Meeting Reminder
    • Confirming Their Booking
    • Handwritten Note with Marriage Book
    • Handwritten Note "Thank-you For Booking"
    • After-Booking Email Setting the Expectations for the Coming Months
    • Email Beginning the Client Timeline & Questionnaire Process
    • Handwritten Note with Relaxation Gift
    • After the Wedding "What To Expect"
    • Images Are Ready - Setting the Expectations for Preview Session
    • Images Are Ready - Releasing the Album (for out-of-state clients)
    • Preview Session Meeting Reminder Reaffirming Purchasing Expectations
    • Preview Session Follow-Up, Affirming Purchases + Ordering Instructions with Finalizing Album Design
    • Product Follow-Up