Free Financial Videos


Free Financial Videos


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Download FIVE FREE videos plus 3 financial worksheets!

Business and personal finances can be some of the most challenging aspects to get your mind wrapped around.  Download Zach & Jody's financial videos with tips and worksheets to help you manage and maintain your own finances with success.


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Your Download Includes:

  • Video #1 | Budgets
  • Video #2 | Explaining the Monthly Cash Excel Worksheet
  • Video #3 | Managing an Irregular Income
  • Video #4 | Managing an Irregular Income, Part II
  • Video #5 |  Delagating Extra Income

 (Total Run Time: 42:09)

  • Worksheet: Cash Monthly Budget Form*
  • Worksheet: Financial Forecast Template*
  • Worksheet: Emergency Saving Breakout*

*File type remains as Excel document (and not PDF) for easy copying and editing to fit your own needs.