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In-the-Raw Video Series | Andy Davis


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Take your creative photography to the next level!

This video teaching series, brings you on the creative portraiture shoot for Andy Davis. You will learn how to light, shoot, and edit for creative portraiture.  

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"The videos breakdown the craziness of photo shoot in digestible chunks and helps you understand what is going through Zach's mind during each part of the shoot. Awesome photoshop effects without the need for photoshop! Way cooler! Really gets your creative juices flowing! Has me looking at all the items in my house as potential props for a photo shoot. The videos have a very causal, honest and personal feel to them, like Zach's sitting across the table from you having a chat."

-Matt Badenoch Photography | London, UK

"These videos were so cool! I thought the "ground glass" tutorial was amazing. I now want to run out and find one of those cool old cameras or make my own photo box to create moody images like the ones he executed! Zach does such a great job of going step by step and explaining every little detail. These videos were great! I can't wait to advance my lighting skills and put these great tricks to good use!"

- Nicole Klym Photography | NJ, USA

"I really enjoyed the videos. I primarily shoot weddings, but it was helpful to learn about different lighting set ups and techniques for creative shots. I really liked the post production and the interaction between Zach and the client."

- Mimi Kay Photography | TN, USA

Run Time: 1 hour 51 minutes
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4.2 GB

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This instructional video shoot is for any photographer who wants to be more creative with their off-camera lighting, wants to learn to shoot indoors or in the studio and create dynamic imagery.  In the Raw walks you through each step in the process Zach uses for creative portraiture.

Geared toward: Intermediate to advanced photographers. However anyone can learn from it and will enjoy the content.

Videos Include:

  • Almost 2 hours of instruction
  • 5 full set-ups on the Andy Davis Album cover shoot
  • Using Multiple Lights (up to 5!)
  • Live explanation while shooting
  • Complete details of all techniques used
  • Shooting with ground glass
  • Shooting white on white
  • Gear breakdown and full gear-list included
  • Post-Production of each set up including Photoshop techniques