IN-CAMERA: Shooting IN-CAMERA: Shooting IN-CAMERA: Shooting IN-CAMERA: Shooting


IN-CAMERA: Shooting


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IN-CAMERA: Shooting | The Natural-Light Photography System

Revolutionize Your Life!

Zach & Jody's $750 workshop has been made available for  $249!

  • Learn how to shoot in any natural-lighting conditions
  • Get amazing images IN-CAMERA
  • Reduce your editing time significantly
  • Have complete confidence any time you walk out on a shoot
  • Get your life back so you can spend time with family or friends or spend time building your business and shooting more
  • 3 hours of instructional material
  • 19 live shooting demonstrations
  • Clear, step-by-step explanation of the entire systematic natural-lighting process
  • You will walk away with better images that will amaze your clients before you even take them out of your camera

Get ready to take your life back!

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“You guys have seriously changed the way I shoot. I edited and uploaded all images from Saturday’s senior session in less than 30 minutes. AMAZING!!!”
- Renee B., Nashville Attendee

“You have been blessed with not only mad photo skills, but a special ability to teach super complicated stuff in the simplest of ways.”
- Amber F. San Diego Attendee

“I loved learning your shooting techniques, you helped me get over my fear of flash & off camera lighting, but most of all I took away so many little nuggets of business gold that have helped me push things forward : )”
- Kelly G. London Attendee

“You have had a profound impact on my life, both professionally and personally! I had major breakthroughs.”
– Jessica G., Nashville Attendee

“I just booked my first wedding with our new higher prices thanks to your awesome Phone Call approach. So thank you guys so much. I am so happy I took your workshop, I learned so many valuable tools.”
- Ali B., Colorado Attendee

Run Time: 2 hours 57 minutes
DVD Region:
Region 0

This DVD is tailored for beginnner to intermediate photographers or anyone interested in raising the quality of their images in-camera.



  • 3 hours of instruction
  • 14 different live shooting demonstrations
  • 5 bonus segments of live shooting
  • Our Entire Natural Light Shooting Process & Tools


  • Intro
  • Color
  • Exposure
  • Lighting Types & Styles
  • Finding the Light
  • Composition

Further Learning

  • Attractive Hard Light
  • Shooting Sun Flare
  • Direct Sun
  • Natural Lighting Tips
  • Cloudy Day Warmth
  • Posing Tips
  • Encouraging Your Clients
  • Exposure Components
  • Expo Disc Alternatives
  • The 1/focal Length Rule
  • Cropping Rules
  • Camera Posture
  • Camera Positioning
  • Lens Choices


  • Diffusion and Patterns
  • Four Quick Poses
  • Reflector as Fill
  • Elevated Shooting
  • Creating Layers